Computer Service

Computer are getting more and more complicated. MBR? GPT? UEFI? Which version of Windows should I be using? How much and what kind of RAM do I need?

Sometimes things break and other times we simply need upgrades or get questions answered.

I specialize in computer service, setup and repair, so I can help with any of the following:

  • Problems:
    – Slow computer
    – Boot loops / non-booting
    – Blue screens of death
    – BIOS error messages / BIOS upgrades
    – Frequent / random crashes
  • Maintenance:
    – Memory upgrades
    – Video card upgrades
    – OS upgrades / updates
    – HDD upgrades
    – Virus scanning / removal
  • Set-up:
    – New installations (Windows / Unix)
    – Multi-boot setups
    – Multi-HDD setups
  • Other:
    – HDD imaging / copying
    – (Limited) data rescue / secure erasing
    – Old media copying / recovery (floppies / tape drives / ZIP disks)

If you’ve got something we haven’t listed, please contact us and let us know; we can most likely still help you with it.